Adult ADHD
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition that makes it difficult for people to pay attention and focus on important tasks, and it affects adults as well as kids. Learn the difference between normal restlessness and distraction and ADHD.

Breast Cancer
Your guide to diagnosing and treating breast cancer, featuring expert advice and patient perspectives on risks, symptoms, treatments, and more.

Smoking Cessation
Your guide to the latest research on breaking the nicotine habit plus stories from quitters about how they stopped smoking using drugs, the patch, gum, talk therapy, and more.

Heart Disease
Your guide to heart disease, featuring expert advice, support, and patient perspectives on prevention, risks, symptoms, treatments, and surgery.

Cold, Flu, and Sinus
Everyone gets the sniffles. Find out how to stop colds, flu, and sinus infections before they get started, and get the skinny on traditional and natural remedies that really work.

Malecon Pharmacy is your complete source for effective specialty pharmacy solutions, home delivery programs and unsurpassed service. We care for you and about you for over 35 years.

Major treatment plans can be a stressful journey. You need a pharmacy which will simplify the process – not complicate it further. At Malecon Pharmacy we are committed to helping our patients find the most direct route to a successful outcome. We have an expertise in managing patients on complex therapies and specialty medication distribution, ensuring the highest level of quality care resulting in increased patient compliance thereby maximizing the therapy success. We help our patients to better manage their conditions so they could live longer, happier lives.

We offer a wide array of specialty medications used in the treatment of chronic and acute illnesses. Our experienced case management team is always available for questions and consultations. Among other services, Malecon Pharmacy offers 24-Hour Turnaround on new referrals, Single Phone/Fax/E-prescribe enrollment, Dedicated Patient Care Advocate, Side-effect and compliance monitoring with customized reports for Physicians and exclusive patient-friendly Medication MaleconPak™

Over the past 35 years Malecon Pharmacy has evolved into a leader in implementing customized specialty solutions providing our patients with personalized care. We treat our patient the way we would treat a family member. Our mission has always been care, professionalism and giving back to the community.


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