If you are an HMO or a busy Physician Group looking to increase compliance, streamline operations while increasing your overall patient's satisfaction our fully automated Central Fill solutions are designed to address these exact needs. Using Central Fill, you can aggregate prescriptions from multiple locations and funnel them to our centrally located prescription fulfillment center. Once there, prescriptions are assembled, verified, packaged, and are delivered to patient's door or mailed directly to the patient's house. Central Fill is not a "one size fits all" product. We offer a wide range of Central Fill solutions and will design your solutions based on:

Current and future prescription volumes.
Prescription mix (new vs. refills).
Prescription turnaround requirements.
Ability or willingness to aggregate prescriptions with other Physician's Group.
Desire to leverage the facility for other ancillary businesses.
Please contact us at to discuss a wide range of services and systems that can enhance your workflow, compliance, adherence and patient satisfaction while providing you comprehensive management tools necessary for better profitability.


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