Caring for you and about you for over 35 years

We care about our patients as we would about a family member. We at Malecon Health Mart Pharmacy go above and beyond to make your therapy a success. Major treatment plan can be a stressful journey, involving various medications to be taken at a different time. You need a Pharmacy which will simplify the process - not complicate it further. At Malecon Pharmacy we are committed to helping our patients find the most direct route to a successful outcome. We are a pharmacy provider with expertise in managing patients on complex therapies and specialty medication distribution. We insure the highest level of quality care resulting in increased patient compliance thereby maximizing the success of specialty therapy. With over 35 years of experience we help our patients to better manage their conditions so they could live longer, happier lives. Among other services, we offer:

  Get convenience of saving time and effort by not making extra trip to the pharmacy each month. For many, getting home delivery is ideal. No more slugging out to the pharmacy, standing in lines at the counter, and waiting time by idly flipping through celebrity-spotting magazines while a prescription is filled. Instead, the medicines show up at your house the next business day, often at a discount. Utilizing our home delivery program isn't only easy, it can also be vital for people who have busy schedules, don't drive or are too busy to get out. We respect your privacy: if you choose to have your medications shipped to you instead of being delivered, they will be discreetly shipped in a plain box labeled with only: "Malecon Shipping" as the sender. The contents are never revealed..
  If you or a loved one is diagnosed with a long-term treatment illness you will have questions and concerns that need to be addressed. Our staff of pharmacists, specialty technicians, case managers and patient care advocates has over 300 years of combined experience, and a quick phone call gives you direct access to qualified professionals who would be happy to answer any questions you might have such as insurance issues, assistance programs or side effects. We will cooperate with your Physician to coordinate your care for the optimal outcome.

For patients on long-term treatment plans we expertly pack their medications in MaleconPack™ . Each personalized compartment of MaleconPack™ contains all the pills the patient needs and is clearly labeled with the précised time to take them. We also offer free verified automatic refills of medications: your medicines arrive several days before your supply is gone and free verified renewal: we will call your physician for renewals when refills are used up. All of the above will insure that you are taking your medications on time, as scheduled and for the entire duration of the prescription, thus improving your therapeutic outcome.

  Our Patient Care Advocates will help patients to enroll in various drug companies' assistance programs and charitable programs to make sure that the required medication is covered.


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