The rising cost of specialty drugs, the prevalence of complicated benefit designs, and the inefficiencies of manual processes and disparate administrative platforms have put renewed focus on the importance of managing pharmacy costs. As a payer, your ability to balance care with cost is being challenged on many fronts. The number of chronically ill patients is growing. Unnecessary expenses, such as avoidable outpatient costs, are rising. Claims management is becoming more complicated. Plan payers are struggling to contain or lower ever-increasing drug costs while providing effective pharmaceutical treatment to people reliant on you for care. By combining our knowledge of what payers should manage to contain costs and experience with how people in treatment should be supported we deliver a comprehensive, clinically based approach to managing the costs of care. Rising drug costs can be attributed to new development, an increase in the number of medicines prescribed but more importantly to the inability of patients to take their medications properly. As a result of patient non-adherence, treatments are being rendered less effective, resulting in escalated costs due to prolonged recovery. We at Malecon Pharmacy leverage our many years of experience to provide comprehensive solutions that help payers overcome the challenges of increasing costs of care. We are dedicated to helping lower drug costs though our comprehensive pharmacy services, while striving to improve patient medication usage for better outcomes.


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