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We have proven to eliminate workloads from Physicians’ offices thus giving you more time to care for your patients and increasing your productivity, overall patient care level and satisfaction. We strive to become your practices’ dedicated assistant by delivering a wide array of Physician’s support services.

Filling in Prior Authorization forms.
  Malecon Pharmacy billing specialists could complete Prior Authorization (PA) forms for all drugs and all Medicare Part D plans, Medicaid plans, and most Commercial plans free of charge. All you would be left to do is just sign and fax or e-submit the form to the plan.
Dedicated patient’s advocates.
  We more than anyone else understand that delivering the right drug to the right patient at the right time is essential to the successful therapy. Situations like insurance denials, drug not being on the insurance formulary and alike is an everyday occurrence. We have dedicated staff members coordinating efforts to get necessary medicines to the patient ASAP. Some of our team members have been working for us for over 30 years and go above and beyond to ensure your patients will get their medicines in time. Would your patients require financial assistance we will work with manufacturers and various charitable foundations to get the medication covered.
Compliance and adherence programs.

One of the biggest concerns with prescribing a treatment has always been “How do I make sure that patient takes medication on time, as scheduled and for entire duration of a prescription?” According to National Council on Patient Education more than half of Americans with chronic diseases don't follow their physician's medication advice and lifestyle guidance. More than half of all chronically ill patients don't use their medications properly, and two-thirds fail to take their medications altogether. We are dedicated to helping physicians manage and assist their patients to follow their therapy by staying in close contact with the patient. After the patient receives their first delivery we call to ask if there are any questions and concerns. After this initial call we follow up bi-weekly or as needed to encourage the patient to stay on the therapy, monitor any side effects and answer any questions. Patients are also encouraged to call Malecon Pharmacy’s dedicated case managers at any time for any reason.

To ensure compliance, we developed a highly efficient delivery and packaging program. For our specialty patients the medicine is expertly packaged in MaleconPak™. Each personalized dated compartment of MaleconPak™ contains all the pills the patient needs for the particular date and is clearly labeled with precise time to take them. Our verified auto-refill program ensures that patients continue to take their medication for the duration of the therapy.

We also work closely with the Physicians to supply them with customized compliance and adherence reports.

Keeping you in the loop.
  Our proprietary notification system will always keep you on top of your patients care. We could notify you of an exact date and time when your patient receives their medication or the exact stage where it’s currently at (e.g. waiting for prior authorization approval). Thus there is never a situation when you are out of the loop.


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